cot bed baby position Cot bed baby position

Featured , Guides , Products Bringing up food is a common physiological process that usually happens after eating in healthy infants, children, and young people.

It is most common in babies — affecting 4 in 10 infants — but can happen to almost everyone at some point in their lives. Cot wedges reflux wedges can cut down the amount a baby regurgitates considerably.

Why do I need a baby reflux wedge? Positioning and inclining the upper body of your little one is the single most important consideration with managing infant reflux. This raised position is also fantastic for babies struggling with congestion and ear ache or breathing difficulties.

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  • What size cot wedge do I need? It is important to match the wedge with the width of mattress you have.

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  • If you have a standard cot, the width will be 60cm wide or a cotbed is 70cm wide. If you have a special size cot or an unusual measurement that is not available, we can help you.

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  • How high does the wedge need to be? Some parents prefer a more extreme cot wedge to help with advanced reflux sickness or GORD. Placing the Wedgehog under the mattress appeals to parents and carers who do not want to put the wedge in direct contact with their baby.

    cot bed baby position Cot bed baby position

    They are available in 28cm Moses, 38cm Crib, 60cm Cot and 70cm Cot bed sizes. Child and Adult wedges are also available.

    Like every single part of the dock, the cotton cover has been rigorously tested and proven free from harmful substances. Some older cribs contained a drop gate or drop side , a side which lowers to ease the process of putting the child into the bed, but can be raised again to restore the integrity of the enclosure.

    How do I position the wedgehog on top of the mattress? The mattress is raised from underneath There is no need to be as specific about where you put the wedge in relation to your baby, as long as their feet are at the foot of the cot for safer sleeping and the wedge is in place underneath to provide the essential lift for your baby.

    Why not just raise the mattress and make an incline with a pillow or blanket? They have been measured and tested for the best possible angle of elevation, to help your baby.

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    This is definitely not recommended. Although studies show that reflux occurs less frequently in the prone tummy position, please consult with a health professional if you feel that your little one will benefit from tummy prone sleeping.

    We would always recommend supine back sleeping on all our wedges, in accordance with NHS guidelines.



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