ikea cot bed mattress cover Ikea cot bed mattress cover
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  • It has been 6 weeks since my Janome permanently broke down. But I am now back up and running with a Bernina Artista thanks mom!

    cot bed to single bed

    This mattress project has been on my to-do list for weeks! Cut out a piece of fabric that wraps around all sides of the foam leaving about an inch extra on all sides.

    Fold the piece of fabric in half with the right side on the inside. Sew together two of the edges, leaving one end open: Now you need to get the foam inside of it.

    ikea cot bed mattress cover Ikea cot bed mattress cover

    To make it easier, turn it back inside out, put your fingers in the two corners and pinch the corresponding two corners of the foam: And then pull the cover over top of the foam. I definitely recommend starting with the larger piece of foam: And then the small piece of foam will just slide in really easily: Fold in the edges of the end of the cover: And pin it closed leaving as little space between the pins and foam as possible: The end will look something like this: Then sew a straight stitch across the entire open edge of the cover without hitting the foam inside removing pins as you go: So the finished edge will look like this.

    Mine fit perfectly which is always a huge relief!

    The best budget duvet to buy Price when reviewed: It may be a good idea to open a window and let the mattress ventilate.

    This one works perfectly and is super easy to make! It will be plenty comfortable for the dolls and teddy bears that will be sleeping in it.

    Whilst we suggest a mattress may be soft, medium or firm, the extent of which can be subjective to average weights and personal expectations. The higher the fill power, the better the duvet is, both in terms of content and how long it is likely to last.

    I still hope to make another pillow or two, but I feel relieved to finally have this mattress project off my plate!



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