twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

Our panel of health writers. It is safe for twins under three months to sleep in the same cot.

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Making newborn twins lie down next to each other in the same cot may actually help them to adjust to their new environment. It may regulate their body temperatures and sleep cycles.

twins baby cot bed Twins baby cot bed

Twins who sleep in the same cot, rather than separately, have no higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. If your babies sleep in the same cot, follow the same guidelines for safe sleeping that apply to a single baby. Put your babies to sleep on their backs, next to each other and side-by-side if they are newborns. Once your twins are a few weeks old, you can move them so that their heads are at the centre of the cot and their feet are at opposite ends of the cot.

You should take care that your babies don't get too hot.

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  • Don't put twins together in a jhoola , Moses basket , small crib or carrycot, as they may overheat in the restricted space. If you prefer to divide the cot with a barrier, use a fixed cot divider, rather than a pillow or a rolled up blanket. Try not to worry about one baby waking up the other. Most twins don't appear bothered by their sibling's crying , even when they're in the same cot.

    When you have limited space for your twins, this may well be a handy choice. Try to avoid comparing your multiples' sleep patterns as there is a lot of variation in how sleep patterns mature.

    However, if one twin consistently wakes his other twin, and they share a cot, separate cots may prevent this from happening. There may be times when it's easiest to bring your babies into your bed with you, particularly if you're breastfeeding. But before they sleep in your bed, make sure you keep all co-sleeping safety tips in mind.

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    It's a good idea to speak to your paediatrician about sleep safety as well. As your babies grow there will be less room for them to be comfortable in the same cot, and their waking patterns may start to differ.

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  • This is when you could separate them and begin to give your twins their personal areas. This will also allow them to express their different personalities. Once they're in their own room they may enjoy having their cots close together.

    This is when you can start to respond to them individually.



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