cream baby cot Cream baby cot

Fear not as here at the Baby Cot Shop we have compiled this handy post that will guide you through picking out your perfect luxury baby cot. Sizes Cots tend to come in two different sizes; a cot is smaller and measures 60 x cm and the large size measures 70 x cm and is called a cot bed.

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  • The cot bed is as the name suggests starts off as a cot and later converts to a bed. If you were looking to invest in a cot that would last longer then we would suggest a cot bed which see baby through to their toddler years. Choose a cot if space is a challenge. What does the rest of your home look like?

    cream baby cot Cream baby cot

    What would you want your nursery to feel like? And colours, what colours do you see in the nursery? Classic neutrals or bold and bright? Inspired by the iconic Chesterfield Sofa, this stunning cot brings a touch of Hollywood glamour to your nursery.

    Material There are two main materials which cots are usually made in and these are iron and wood. High quality luxury cots will usually be made from oak, walnut or mahogany and handmade. Finish There are three main finishes that you could choose for your luxury baby cot which are; iron, natural and painted.

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  • White or cream would be a good choice if you want to create a modern light and airy feel within your nursery, dark coloured wood works well if you would prefer something more traditional. All babies cots should be finished in lead-free, child safe paints, usually called VOC-free. Vintage vs Modern Depending on if your style is leaning more towards vintage, traditional or modern this can also help to influence the type of cot that you choose.

    Bourdon Trim Wash with a mild detergent containing no bleaching agents Never leave damp or wet embroidered items pressed together, particularly if the items are being washed for the first time Iron embroidery on the reverse side or between two pieces of cloth This product is dispatched direct from our own milkandhoney warehouse. The only thing more personal than that would be making it yourself and since most of us do Exchanges Fashion, sportswear and shoes only Wrong size?

    For nurseries that are more vintage or traditional, iron or sleigh style wooden cots work beautifully well. Choose a cot such as our Venice Antique Cot which offers under storage, perfect for keeping babygros and blankets nicely tucked away.

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  • Because we also make bespoke baby cots, you can request at the time of order and we can supply one with understorage. Another popular trend which is starting to emerge for nursery colour is grey which would also work really well as a cot colour because again it is neutral.

    cream baby cot Cream baby cot

    Grey is quite versatile as it could be used in a rustic cottage style with the Deirdre cot bed but equally grey would also work well if paired with chevron or geometric patterns for a more modern look. We would love to know!

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    If you do need any assistance with choosing your cot or designing your nursery please feel free to get in touch: The Baby Cot Shop.



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