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Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood and Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia by providing children with a wide variety of nutritious and safe foods. Food and drinks are provided in appropriate portion sizes, with the required number of serves from each food group and with no foods high in fat, sugar or salt.

Children will be provided with: Infants will be kept on breast milk or infant formula as the main drink at least until 12 months of age. Solids will be introduced to infants from 6 months of age unless otherwise specified by parent with advice from a medical professional. By 12 months of age children should be able to eat most family meals and will be encouraged to drink from a cup.

By 18 months of age children will eat independently and drink from a cup only. Breakfast for early starters, morning tea, a 2 course lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon tea for late leavers, are all provided.

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  • Milk and water are offered at morning tea with water being available with lunch and afternoon teas. Water is also readily available at any time throughout the day. Children over the age of 2 years will be provided with reduced fat milk to drink.

    rachel cotbed john lewis instructions Rachel cotbed john lewis instructions

    The menu also incorporates foods from a variety of cultures and the meal time environment provides for the inclusion of family and multicultural values. Medical reasons Medical Certificate to be issued by Medical Practitioner 3. Should staff in consultation with parents agree that a genuine dislike for food exists?

    Any identified eating behaviours of children will be discussed and managed by trained staff in consultation with parents. Special Diets-Request by parents to provide or delete specific foods for children on special diets must be submitted to the Nominated Supervisor on a form provided by the service. Under no circumstances will any item of food or drink be deliberately given to any child in contradiction of written instructions or requirements made by that parent.

    The parents are asked to put bottles in the bottle prep refrigerator at the commencement of each day of care. Any bottles not used during that day will be sent home with parents or discarded.

    rachel cotbed john lewis instructions Rachel cotbed john lewis instructions

    The parents are asked to put bags in the bottle prep refrigerator at the commencement of each day of care. Any breast milk not used during that day will be sent home with parents or discarded. In order to guarantee the safe storage of frozen breast milk this service will not be responsible for storage of such milk.

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  • Curriculum Teaching and Learning-Experiences will be planned consistently throughout the program to provide opportunities for children to learn about healthy lifestyles, including nutrition and personal hygiene and current information and education on healthy lifestyles and nutrition is available for staff and families.

    Staying Healthy 5th Edition Education and Care Services National Regulations Early Years Learning Framework National Quality Standards Reviewed and Updated January Food Safety Plan The food safety plan is based on current regulatory requirements of the HACCP Principles and this service is committed to the employment of kitchen staff who are knowledgeable in preparing nutritionally balanced food in a safe and hygienic manner and to plan and evaluate meals and menus to meet recommended dietary guidelines.

    To ensure that all staff posses the skills and knowledge required in food safety practices and hygiene Professional development training and discussions in staff meetings will occur All staff will adhere to specified policy and procedures which will be monitored for compliance External audits of food safety and hygiene practices will occur through Newcastle City Council Environmental Health Officer It is the policy of this service to prepare shopping lists for groceries, frozen foods, fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis.

    All meat and poultry is purchased fresh and quantities of such food items are carefully planned to guarantee that most purchased amounts are depleted by the completion of the current shopping week. If direct contact is necessary hands to be thoroughly washed and dried as per handwashing procedure Use tongs, spoons, forks or other utensils as a barrier between the food whenever necessary Fingernails short and with no nail polish Hair to be tied back and wearing of a protective cap Limit amount of jewellery to be worn.

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  • Clean protective clothing is to be worn over regular clean clothes and washed daily Protective clothing should only be worn in food handling areas, remove for toilet and other breaks Apron to be change throughout the day when soiled Personal items to be stored away from the food handling area.

    Any wound, infection or cracks on the hand or arm is to be completely covered with a waterproof bandaid. Where the wound is on the hand disposable gloves are to be worn at all times, changing after each task If a cut occurs discard food that may have been contaminated by blood, follow blood spill procedure If an employee involved in handling food is unwell and or suffering from a condition which is likely tjo be transmitted through food report to the Director and contact their Doctor for advice.

    Do not eat, sneeze or cough over unprotected food or surfaces that are likely to come into contact with food. Children who are seeking enrolment at this service must have received at least the four months immunisation as per the National Immunisation Schedule. It is the responsibility of parents to provide the service with documented evidence of updated immunisation in order to maintain accurate records of immunisation status for each child.

    The service will ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent the spread of any infectious disease at the service by: The appointment of effective daily cleaners who enter the service during the closure hours and follow a cleaning schedule formulated and monitored by staff and management.

    Adhering to hand washing and sanitising procedures for staff, children, families and visitors.

    The framerate of the animation depends on the speed you are moving at. It will be administered by and under the direction of these relief activities in industrial communities. Old Lloyd came in the spring to bleed my husband.

    Routine sanitising of all educational equipment and furniture as per daily schedule. The service will not be held responsible in the event of a possible non-immunised child being infected with a vaccine preventable infectious illness whilst at the service.

    Upon the direction of the Medical Officer of Health, those children whose proof of immunisation has not been issued to the service by parents must be excluded for the incubation period of the disease.

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    Distinctive rash appears four days after early symptoms. Red spots and blotches on forehead and face spread progressively down towards feet. For at least 14 days after symptoms first Intestinal upset.



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