cot and bed combo Cot and bed combo

Inflation and deflation of the bed may be a tedious process. Bottom Line The Coleman airbed is definitely up there with the rest. It is a good option for an airbed and it should definitely be considered as an option. The bed may be slightly heavy, but the beneficial features of the bed outweigh the shortcomings. What About the Tent Cots?

Cons The rainfly is a bit lower in height. Cots with cotton canvas fabric should be avoided because cotton canvas is heavier and retains dirt and stains.

A relatively new entrant into the market, the tent cot is a two-in-one bed-cum-tent that features a camping cot enclosed in a tent. Whereas many if not all one person tents and even two person tents might not allow you to use a camping cot in them, tent cots are a different story altogether. Therefore, tent cots are revolutionary as far as camping and other outdoor adventures are concerned.

The combination of the two most basic camping equipment in one means that you save not only on your backpacking space and the cost but also on the bulk and weight of your equipment. Here are the two most famous tent cots and which you might want to consider in your next camping trip: The comfort is enhanced further by its D Nylon tent that provides adequate shelter from rain and other undesirable environmental disturbances. It has a favorable sleeping platform size of 96 inches by 32 inches and can bear up to a maximum weight of lbs.

Our most favorite feature of the Kamp-Rite Tent Cot is its versatility that allows you to use it as a lounge, a chair or a ground cot. The versatility, coupled with the fact that it is super easy to set up, means that your backpacking tent cot is a thing you will enjoy the most in your camping trip. Pros Two-in-one tent and cot increases efficiency while decreasing inconveniences. The tent material is super strong and shelters sufficiently from rain, cold and wind. Easy to set up and very comfortable to lie on.

Cons The rainfly is a bit lower in height. We did not like the fact that the poles look too few; adding two more poles would make it perfect.

I really wish that I had seen these before buying a roof tent If you already have cover for accidental damage and structural damage through your home insurance or another insurance product this Furniture Insurance may not be appropriate for you.

You would want to pick this one if your pocket is a bit shallow but the ultimate choice should be the Oversize cot. Other features remain about same except for the tent material T Polyester for the latter and the smaller size and height.

cot and bed combo Cot and bed combo

If you are more trendy, you would rather go with the Oversize cot due to its extra features. Bottom Line Camping Tent Cots are a relatively new product in the market but which has revolutionized the camping adventures.

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  • With a combination of a tent and a cot, the tent cots cut on the cost, weight and bulk. Undoubtedly, the future will see more of the tent cots introduced into the market.

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  • For now, what we have reviewed are the best picks. The Definitive Guide To Choosing the Best Camping Cot A camping cot or a camping bed is a relatively lightweight, collapsible bed that is ideal for camping and other outdoor situations. A camping cot is designed to fold repeatedly and take up as little room as possible maximizing on space.

    The best camping cots are ideally made of rust-resistant metal and nylon or polyester. What to consider when shopping for camping beds Comfort, weight, and portability are some of the most important factors campers consider when shopping for camping cots. Comfortable cots are generally heavier and thus not meant to be carried for long distances.

    Very light and portable cots are available but they can be expensive and unaffordable to all campers. Oversized or extra strong camping cots also come at a price premium due to the extra quality that they have.

    Below, these considerations are discussed in detail: Most camping cot frames are designed from aluminium which is strong and very light in weight. Heavy duty cots are made using steel frames which have the ability to withstand heavier weight.

    Camping cots designs feature three main leg styles.

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    The latter design is more suited for indoor use and it is the cheapest of the three designs. Cots to be used inside a tent should have rubber legs and end caps.

    Cot legs have the tendency to puncture or tear the floor of a tent hence the need for rubber legs and end caps. Fabric Single layered polyester or nylon fabric is supportive and easy to clean hence commonly used in the designing of modern cots. Cots with cotton canvas fabric should be avoided because cotton canvas is heavier and retains dirt and stains.

    Cots with mesh fabric are cooler and can, therefore, be used for warm weather camping. There are also cots that come with extra padding. Some are so plush that they nearly resemble recliners. The padded models offer extra comfort but are shunned because they are heavier and bulkier.

    A foam mattress or a camping pad can alternatively be used as a topper to provide extra warmth and cushioning. The foam mattress is a more flexible option. Cheap models with ill positioned crossbars are quite common and these compromise on comfort since one will be sleeping on something equivalent to a pull out couch with a cross bar right under their back. Size The average unfolded cot dimensions are roughly 25 inches wide and 75 inches long.

    This is generally large enough to accommodate most adults. However, there are longer cots designed for taller campers and shorter models designated for youthful users. Extra wide cots measuring up to 40 inches across are available and these tend to be the heavy duty models which also support huge weights. Weight The average, aluminium framed camping cot weighs between 15 and 20 pounds.

    A heavy duty, steel or oversized cot weighs more. Cots with extra padding will also be heavier. Cots that weigh pounds are mainly designed for back country use. A cot for a permanent or semi-permanent structure, does not factor in weight. Campers that move around a lot will opt for a lighter camping bed due to the ease of transport.

    Portability Most, if not all, cots designed for camping will fold to a degree for ease of transport and storage. Some fold over into small sections while others disassemble completely. The packed size and weight of a camping cot are the most important factors that determine portability. Most portable cots pack down to the size of a person tent and only weigh pounds. Portable cots are marketed as a viable option for backpackers.

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  • They are not without shortcomings. Portable cots usually sit very low to the ground, may have a lower weight capacity, and may not be as durable as heavier counterparts. Most folding cots come with a simple carrying bag with shoulder straps that come in handy during transportation.

    Ease of Assembly The most simple cot designs are very straightforward. They unfold along joints and snap into place with very little effort.

    Aluminium frame designed cots work in this manner. More innovative cot designs that are available in the market require some slight assembly.

    Setting up a cot takes only take a few minutes. It is not as hard as it sounds, but if one can setup a tent they can definitely setup a cot. Benefits of a camping bed Camping cots are advantageous in that they keep you elevated off the ground when sleeping during an outdoor expedition. An elevated bed can make a big difference for campers who have challenges in getting up and down. They are also great for relaxing and simply lounging around a campsite and even at home. Camping cots can be used as extra beds in cases where one has guests sleeping over.

    The fact that camping cots are elevated and off the ground also helps campers regulate their temperature. Nature dictates that cold air naturally settles.

    At night, the cold ground saps away body heat via conduction. A camping cot helps mitigate both of these issues by mere elevation and keeping one from the ground. A cot is not necessarily used inside a tent. When and where should the camping cots be used? Camping cots are ideally used in instances where one does not have to physically carry the cot for long distances.

    Camping cots have been proved to be great for car camping, canoe camping, and supported bike trips among other outdoor activities. They are also great for long term camping situations like base camps and research trips where extended comfort is essential. Car campers who like to bring comfort and luxury to the wild should consider one of the sturdier cots with extra padding since they allow one to appreciate the extra comfort while sleeping.

    Luxury cots can even be used for lounging around camp fires. Lightweight backpackers should consider carrying a camping cot into the back country. There are cots that weigh between 2 and 3 pounds and thus easily portable allowing for easy travel.



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