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  • A guard rail is basically used to keep your baby or toddler from rolling off one or both sides of the bed. Some co sleeping bed rail varieties can swing down during the day and be locked in an upright position at night to keep your child from falling out of bed.

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    Others stay in one position at all times. So with so many options, how can you know which one is best for you? Here are a few qualities you should be on the lookout for.

    Choose something that fits your adult bed. When buying a rail for co sleeping purposes, this is crucial!

    Not suitable for slatted, hospital or profiling beds. Okay, that takes care of the swing downs. So easy to install and ultra-light for travel.

    Some types of bed frames are more conducive to fixed-position bed rails, while others require the type that can be placed on top of the mattress. Think about the material your bed frame is made of before you buy your rail. Choose something that can be converted for use in a toddler bed or a small twin bed when the time comes.

    You may not be able to find something that can work for your bed as well as for a toddler bed, but chances are good the right option is out there if you can take your time and do a little extra shopping around. Pros Cons This is a great low-cost alternative to some of the more expensive, similar products on the market today.

    The rail comes with foam pieces to keep it from scratching up your bed and to keep it more securely in place as well. The included directions may be a little confusing and may not be accurate for all types of mattresses.

    You cannot use this rail with thick mattresses or with king-sized beds.

    Check it out on Amazon 3. Bumper toddler rails are the easiest of the rails to install.

    Check it out on Amazon 2. Regalo Swing Down Bedrail The Regalo Swing Down Bedrail is a inch guardrail made of durable high-quality steel and covered in a soft mesh fabric that is sure to provide your child with plenty of secure and comfy nights of sleep.

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  • It can be snapped into place for use during the night and folded down for easy access to the bed during the day. Pros Cons This is one of the most popular swing-down style bed rails available on the market today. Although these rails are designed for use with a box spring, many customers have made a successful DIY project of altering them for use with other types of beds.

    This rail is very easy to put together and get in place without a lot of extra effort. The mesh fabric has been known to rip and wear out quickly with regular nightly use of this product.

    If you have a king-size bed, you may find that these rails are not long enough for your sleeping arrangement unless you use two per each side of the bed.

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  • Check it out on Amazon 3. This guard rail is placed underneath the bedding and held in place by a combination of the fitted sheet over the top of the rails and the gripping foam texture of the bumpers themselves. Pros Cons These are the most affordable bumper-style bed rails available on our list.

    The bumpers are designed to stay in place even with frequent use. Some customers may not want to use these bumpers because they could contain potentially harmful chemicals.

    cot bed side protectors Cot bed side protectors

    These bumpers may smell a little strange at first before they have a chance to air out. The bumpers may be too short for use with toddlers who roll around a lot during the night. Check it out on Amazon 4. This is an inflatable bumper that comes with a foot pump to make it easy and convenient to pump it up whenever it needs a little extra air.

    Of course, if you do plan to take a camping trip or go visit family members, you can deflate it, store it in your luggage, and inflate it again when the time comes to use it. The bumpers come with their own travel bag that can carry them as well as the pump.

    Some customers have reported that their pets have been able to pop these bumpers with their teeth or claws. It may take a while to fill these bumpers up the first time before you get the hang of it. These may be less comfortable than similar foam bumpers for long-term bed sharing use.



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