grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding Grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding

These fleecy sleeping bags are super comfy and warm and the eye-catching designs will get your little ones excited about climbing into bed.

grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding Grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding

The product was very soft, both inside and out, I could tell from the look and feel that it was high quality. Packaging ideal, minimal and simple.

We particularly like the feature of being able to insert your own pillow into the headrest section. See all the reviews here. Thank you for excellent service and delivery. Evelyn loved the bunting on her pony design and its the extra little details kids really pick up on sometimes. Read the entire Tantrum To Smiles review here. My youngest has uses a Gro bag from birth so I needed to find a similar item which would support him when moving to his own bed.

He has been excited using it on stays in hotel beds as well as at home in his new toddler bed. He likes to feel secure when sleeping and we feel he has this with the sac The sac allows room for movement as well giving him the feeling of security since removing his cot sides. The sac we have washes and dries quickly and is a lovely blue colour with a star which compliments the rest of his room.

The sac is toddler size but has plenty of room for at least a year for him to grow into. Being able to fit his own pillow in the top of the sac is an added bonus for security for him.

This certainly helps when staying in hotels as he can pack his own pillow inside. I would certainly recommend to friends for their toddlers making the transition from cot to bed. My eldest thinks this is great as its colourful. He is a sensory seeker and this has helped calm him at home when it has been too warm for him to sleep with his Lycra sheet. I would certainly recommend this bag also for older children who have sensory processing difficulties like my son especially when travelling.

My son is a tall 5 year old and there is plenty of room for at least another 5 years for him in his Lion Snuggle Sac. Well worth the money and the quality of them both is great.

grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding Grobag gro-to-bed cot bed bedding

He really loves it and has settled really well into sleeping with this sleeping bag. The material is very soft and tactile and he feels really comfortable with it, he also seems to really enjoy being zipped in to the bag, which offers him a more secure feel than a traditional duvet cover. He is sensory seeking and likes to be hugged tightly, or to have stronger sensory input so the sleeping bags seems to be working well with that.

I was glad to see that the sleeping sac washes and dries very well. These sleeping bags are the size of a cot bed mattress, but we are using it on a single bed and it works well. I would recommend the snuggle sac, it is well made, and feels lovely and soft. It would be great for toddlers transitioning out of baby sleeping bags or just for children who enjoy being secure in a sleeping bag like this for sensory reasons like my son.

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It works so well because it makes sure he stays under the covers all night, even if he moves around, and it keeps his pillow with him too. The Snuggle Sac is very well made and feels very durable.

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  • The fabric on the inside is lovely soft red cotton, while the outside is made from cosy fleece. My son loves dogs so he was thrilled with the Dalmatian design, which makes it fun for him to use, it even has a tail which is adores! We are hoping this will help our 4 year old autistic boy sleep easier! He is certainly excited about it!!! Yes please do use my comments. I found you by looking online for sleep solutions and also a parent of a special needs child suggested you.

    If he continues to sleep well in his snuggle sac we will be saving up for another one! My 7 year old daughter now wants one for Christmas too!!

    So, before removing the sides from his cot, I decided that it would be a good idea to actually get him used to having a proper duvet and pillow. Being able to fit his own pillow in the top of the sac is an added bonus for security for him. FAQs Our room is very small and we can only squeeze in a travel cot, is this safe?

    We are still loving our Snugglesacs. We bought a second one for my son — the lion, which we alternate with his original Dalmatian sac.

    Whilst not every night is perfect we can safely say after 5 months that he sleeps better and longer with his Snugglesac. All we need now is for you to make a dinosaur sac — dinos are his special interest!! She uses hers for sleepovers, watching TV on the sofa and general lounging! She recently had her first camp with the Beaver Scouts and was very nervous.

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  • She took her special Snugglesac with her and was much admired at bedtime!! Now they all want one, including the adult leaders!! My niece and nephew were beyond excited when they opened them! We were given our first one, purple dinosaur, when my eldest son was a tall two year old. Over 16 years all of my five of my children have enjoyed the cosy and cheerful experience of sleeping in it — this shows just how attractive and well-constructed the snuggle sac is.

    A classic piece of kit and a great investment for any family whether for use at home, travelling, or to help your child feel like home when away on night overs. Henni Tremlett, Wales My daughter was in hospital for a week. My husband had to rush home and to get it! I ended up using my eldest daughters snuggle sac to sleep in overnight on the camp bed next to her too! Ha If you are a human and are seeing this field, please leave it blank.



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