steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs
steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs

The fabrics used for chew proof dog beds are the same that are used for other applications that require durable, anti-tear properties such as luggage, backpacks, military gear, and industrial tarps. Three fabrics commonly used in a chew proof dog bed are: The strongest and most durable ballistic nylon is made of denier nylon which will stand up to rough use and repeated washing.

These are durable, rugged blends tightly woven to resist even the most aggressive chewers yet still provide softness and comfort. When comparing chew proof dog beds be sure to look at the frame as well as the fabric bed. To the curious eye of your teething pup, his new raised bed is just another fine piece of furniture waiting to be taste-tested. For the best chew proof elevated dog beds, always look for one constructed with a high-grade aluminum or heavy-duty PVC frame with tear resistant, waterproof woven fabric with no exposed edges.

Check out our Anatomy of an Indestructible Dog Bed article for more tips. Below is a simple table comparing our 5 top chew proof dog beds. An attractive bed for indoors or out, the all-aluminum bed offers amazing comfort and orthopedic support for dogs of all sizes and ages. Constructed of a patented, chew proof frame made of high strength aircraft grade aluminum.

Ballistic nylon provides anti-sag support for dogs of all sizes with no exposed fabric corners or seams for your dog to nibble on. The anti-static, smooth finish of the ballistic nylon repels dust and dog hair and is a breeze to vacuum, brush or rinse off — dries in just a few minutes after rain or rinsing. The modern satin-finish aluminum design looks great in any indoor or outdoor living space. The bed assembles easily and comes with a one-year warranty against chewing damage on all materials.

Does not disassemble easily for storage. Priced well under many competing brands that are prone to chewing damage, the Kuranda All-Aluminum Ballistic Nylon Bed is the industry leader for chew proof construction, dog comfort and durability. This Kuranda chew proof dog bed works very well for dogs of all sizes — from toy to giant breeds. Crafted in a sturdy walnut colored PVC frame with an easy-to-clean, sag resistant vinyl weave bed for years of comfortable support indoors or out. Ideal for older dogs that need orthopedic support while sleeping.

Provides superior ventilation on those hot summer days and it dries super fast after rain or rinsing. There are no exposed fabric corners or seams for a dog to get his teeth into. The bed has an attractive design that will look great in any room or on the deck. Assembles easily and cleans up fast. Brush with mild detergent and rinse off—dries in just a few minutes.

Has a full one-year Kuranda chew proof warranty on the frame. The vinyl weave fabric is not covered under the Kuranda warranty. Must be kept out of prolonged, direct sunlight when outdoors. The Kuranda Chew Proof Vinyl Weave Bed offers long lasting value at a competitive price with outstanding sleep comfort for dogs of all sizes. Compared to higher priced beds with similar construction, this bed offers true economy, comfort, style and durability that any dog parent will appreciate.

Has an attractive design and will look good in any room of the house. Cleaning is a snap—simply brush with mild detergent and rinse dog hair and dirt away. The assembly is easy if instructions are read and followed. The PVC frame construction is rugged enough for medium to large dogs up to about 80 lbs.

Not recommended for heavy large or giant breed dogs. No outdoor use — Kuranda recommends this bed be used indoors only and not left in direct sunlight for extended periods.

Sacrificing comfort for toughness, this raised dog bed is not for your sweet, arthritic senior dog. The rip stop ballistic nylon bed is super durable with reinforced seams, and there are no exposed corners or seams for your Cujo to get his teeth into.

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  • The fabric is hypoallergenic for dust mites, mold and mildew. The bed is waterproof and easy to clean.

    Just like your own bed, a dog bed should be comfortable, easy on the muscles and joints and damage resistant so that it lasts. By Gina on October 11, Bought this for our new pup Maxi cause my partner didn't want him sleeping with us and he loves it so much. My older dog is still a little leary but the younger dog is happy with it.

    Just throw a slab of beef in the corner to get Cujo off the bed then rinse it down with the hose. The bed will dry completely in just a few minutes.

    While the bed is not great for dog comfort, the raised cot design allows for good ventilation in the hot summer months. The satin aluminum frame and ballistic nylon bed are attractive enough for any room or outdoor living space. K9 Ballistics offers a day full materials replacement guarantee on any chewing or scratching damage.

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    The bed is not as comfortable as some of the less tough, more chew prone beds. If you have one or more dogs that persistently chew, then this is the must have dog bed for you! Built for durability and dog comfort this bed will give you years of reliable use. The tough HDPE knitted fabric will resist tooth punctures and tears but the open corners of the fabric do make it vulnerable to persistent chewers or teething pups.

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  • Raised platform keeps the dog off cold, wet or hard ground allowing for a comfortable well ventilated sleep. The breathable HDPE fabric keeps the dog comfortable during hot weather and it helps prevent hot spots. The bed is easy to assemble and breakdown for storage. The powder coated steel frame and fabric are covered by a limited 5-year warranty against UV damage.

    Can be used indoors or outside.

    Did you make it with a domestic sewing machine? The dogs needed a little encouragement to use it because the material gives a little when they step on it.

    The knitted fabric is tough but it is not chew proof. The bed is vulnerable to chewing because the fabric is stretched over the exterior of the steel frame and the corners are open.

    The steel frame is not water proof and it makes the bed heavier than the aluminum and PVC framed beds. The warranty does not cover chewing or scratching damage. Although this raised bed is not chew proof, it is well built and will give years of comfortable use for dogs not prone to habitual furniture chewing.

    steel frame cot bed for dogs Steel frame cot bed for dogs

    The Coolaroo bed is priced low so it is competitive against the box store dog bed prices, yet the bed will hold its value as a durable bed for normal use. Young or old, every companion and working dog needs a restful place to sleep that he can claim as his own.

    Just like your own bed, a dog bed should be comfortable, easy on the muscles and joints and damage resistant so that it lasts.



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